Membrane Switch Design guidelines

Membrane Switch technology is a highly reliable interface/switch solution for many different applications. Membrane switches are custom designed to meet specific applications and usage.

Overlay Materials Polyester (PET) and polycarbonate (PC) are available with a variety of texture and dimensions. We also offer UV-stable or other choices to meet your special needs.
Insertable Legends This allows the customers to use one standard membrane keyboard for many different models of similar instruments. Applications include multiple languages, private labeling, and vending machines.
Artwork An electronic file in Adobe Illustrator (A.I,) from customers will be sufficient for us to produce any logos or special symbols.
Drawings We welcome AutoCad and STEP / IGES / SolidWorks / Rhino / Pro-E for mechanical dimensions.
Color Matching Customers can Pantone Matching System (PMS) color codes or color samples for our color matching.
Windows Window areas can be made in different texture and be printed in different colors.
Backlighting Electroluminescent panels offer the advantage of uniform light over a relatively large area. In other cases, laser-etched silicone rubber keypads, which are also produced by Best Rubber Product Limited, can be assembled to the membrane switch to meet the customers’ backlighting needs.
Embossing In many applications, it is highly desirable to emboss the keys of an overlay or membrane keyboard. We offer choices of “plateau embossing” or “rim embossing” to suit your functional requirement.
Metal / Mylar Domes Due to the relatively short travel of membrane keyboards, it is highly recommended to provide users with tactile feedback. Metal / Mylar Domes can achieve just that. In order to meet the customers’ different actuation force requirements, we offer a wide variety of metal domes to fulfill such needs.
Circuit The circuit can be specified by the customers.
Embedded LEDs Single-colored and/or Multi-colored LEDs can be mounted to the membrane keyboards.
Tail Exit Point A flexible tail is made of PET. The tail can be strengthened by stiffener and assembled with housing/connector and pins.
Mounting Adhesives In most cases, the customers require pressure sensitive adhesives be bonded on the back side of the membrane keyboards.
Rigid Sub Panels Sturdy sub panels can be assembled to the membrane keyboards to create a turnkey solution for the customers. The most commonly used material for such sub panels is aluminum alloy