Benefits of silicone rubber for consumer products

With the trends of eco-friendly conscious lifestyle, Best Rubber Product Limited manufactures a wide variety of silicone rubber based products as OEM / ODM /OBM for world class companies.

Besides, the company also manufactures for its affiliate company, Oracle Gifts Limited, which markets products under its own brands : Candies, Cliché, ENFILL

using high quality silicone rubber with international compliance, including U.S. Proposition 6, RoHS Directive, and free from hazardous substances like PAH, ODC, VOC, PFOS and Perchlorate.

FDA / LMBG / DGCCRF (Food grade) approved.

Gadget Accessories

Silicone rubber is lightweight, anti-slip and anti-dust, prevent scratches and stains.

Fashion Accessories and Gifts

Silicone rubber is soft, supple, and stretchy.  Joy to wear.

Baby Products and Toys

FDA approved silicone rubber is ideal for baby products.  Anti-bacterial  ,Food grade, non-toxic.

Houseware and Bakeware

FDA approved high quality. Food grade, non-toxic, anti-slip, non-stick and easy to clean.

with no heat aging  – 40°C to + 220°C , freezer, microwave, oven and dishwasher safe.