Laser-Etching on Silicone Rubber

Laser-etching allows graphics and texts to be illuminated with backlighting. The entire top surface of silicone rubber can be sprayed with specially formulated ink. Then graphics and texts are laser-etched.


Testing on Simple Design Skins

Performed laser-etching by etching over-sized graphics over the skins using laser-etching machine. The purpose is to allow etching on the edges.

Laser beam comes from top-down direction when etching one set of graphic.


Purpose of the Test

To clearly identify the true limitation of laser-etching, in order to put together a Design Guideline for laser-etching on different skins.


Over-Sized Graphics over Skins


The following figures depict the graphic got blurred or no graphic was etched, when the laser beam reaches curvy surface or it cannot focus at all.

Graphic Gets Blurred on Curvy Surface

Graphic Gets Blurred on The Edges

In-Focus VS Out-Focus Laser-Etching