Benefits of silicone rubber for industrial products

Silicone rubber is gaining popularity in industrial applications and consumer products for several reasons:

  1. Resistance to both high and low temperatures (-40° C to 220° C)
  2. Minimal noise generation due to soft and elastic contact structure
  3. Minimal abrasion and high resistance to various chemical and oxidation even in heavy humidityIn addition, silicone rubber offers several features that make its design and usage flexible,
  4. Design both tactile and linear feedback
  5. Translucent color is excellent for backlighting
  6. Cost effective
  7. Easily accommodate multi-color designs
  8. Water and contamination resistant

Membrane switch

As being an established leader in production of membrane switches, Best Rubber Product Limited, specializes in applications with stringent cosmetic and reliability requirements.

With our state-of-the-art screen printing, color matching, die cutting and laminating processes, combined
with environmental and life cycle testing, we proudly produce membrane switches that meet or exceed
our customers’ requirements. We work closely with our customers during the design of all our membrane
switches. From the initial concept design to working out engineering samples, Best Rubber Product Limited
provides the full design and engineering services.

Best Rubber Product Limited offers a variety of overlay materials that are used in membrane switch

Silicone rubber keypads

Rubber keypads are manufactured from non-toxic elastic silicone rubber compounds that are processed from
compression molding. These keypads can then be integrated with switch components, such as printed circuit
boards or membrane switches to create a very versatile human to machine interface device.

Rubber keypads are widely used in calculators, hand-held games, PCs, notebook computers, switches,
remote controls, databanks, game consoles, measurement equipment, cordless phones, etc. The advantages
of silicone rubber keypads are easily-implemented, cost effective, reliable and can produce excellent tactile
responsiveness. Silicone rubber keypads can perform very well even under extremely high or low temperature.
Best Rubber Product Limited is a leading keypad manufacturer/supplier ready to provide custom keypads for
many applications and all size production runs.

Graphic overlays

Best Rubber has been a leading designer, manufacturer and supplier of custom graphic overlays, control panel
overlays and membrane overlays switches. A graphic overlay is the printed interface layer of a membrane
switch or control panel, or it may be a standalone durable label.

Graphic overlays are a vital part of any modern control component for human-machine interface (HMI),
branding, or other visual interaction. Graphic overlays are usually the first thing that a customer or end
user sees when interacting with a machine or product. Consequently, the overlay has a big influence on the
customer’s first impression. Attention to detail, precise color matching and intuitive graphics are critical
factors in creating an effective graphical overlay and user interface experience. At Best Rubber Product
Limited, a core competence is the custom design, engineer, and manufacture of custom graphic overlays to
meet to the unique interface needs of our customers and their users.

Silicone rubber components and parts

Best Rubber Product Limited is one of the leading silicone mixing equipment suppliers of silicone rubber components and parts that are
designed in compliance with international quality standards. All gaskets, rubber seals, custom o-rings and
other custom rubber parts are customized, durable and offer excellent performance.